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12 Organic Step To Fix Your Hormone Levels Easily

Fix Your Hormone Levels

Keeping your hormones balanced is very important because it will affect your health, not only physical, emotional, and mental too.

Hormones play a significant role in your daily life as it manages your weight, mood, and hunger.

Hormones are produced by endocrine glands, which help in various parts of bodies. Improper hormones are prevalent now because people prefer processed food compared to natural and healthy food. On the other hand, stress increases in the new generation due to medical conditions and many more causes that cause imbalance hormones in the body.

So the solution for imbalance hormones is to adopt some good habits or use supplements that help them lose weight and fix hormone imbalance.

In this article, I will guide you about ways to handle imbalanced hormones.

12 Easy Steps To Keep Your Hormones Level Balance

1.      Consume More Protein

Intake of protein is very vital for your hormones level. Protein is a source of amino acids and is very beneficial for your skin, bones, and muscles. It is imperative to eat protein to keep your hunger hormones in control, generate new useful hormones that help you feel full for a longer time, keep you away from overeating, and help you manage your weight. Protein food includes egg, chicken, beans, salmon, avocado, etc.

Try to consume 20 to 30 grams of protein in each meal.

2.      Involve Yourself In Physical Activity

Physical activities are very useful to keep your hormones level balanced. The workout plays a significant role in reducing insulin in your body and many other illnesses. It supports active and robust.

It helps your body to function properly and make your muscles stronger.

You can do any physical activity you like aerobics, cardio, resistance workout, cycling, swimming, running, walking etc.

Resistance Band Exercises

3.      Eliminate Sugar And Processed Carbs From Diet

These both lead to many health issues like inflammation, gout, kidney diseases, heart diseases, sugar, blood pressure, and increased insulin levels in your body.

Sugary Items

Cakes, pastries, chocolate, sweets, sodas, packet juices

Processed Carbs

White floor items, pasta, donuts, biscuits, white bread, fries, burger, cereals

So try to avoid the above item, and it is not suitable for leptin hormone and leads women to gain weight.

4.      Avoid Stress

Stress is the root of hormone problems in most cases. According to researches, many females having PCOS and other health issues due to anxiety and depression.

There are two measures types of hormones that affect by stress are cortisol and adrenaline. These both are very important hormones for your body and can cause many illnesses.

To avoid stress, keep yourself busy in yoga, meditation, go for a massage, listen to music, or involve yourself in physical activities.

5.      Consume Healthy Fats

Try to intake organic fats to keep your insulin level in control and break the insulin resistance in the body.

Increase usage of coconut oil or palm oil in your foods that are excellent sources of MCTs.

So replace Trans fats with healthy fats that keep your insulin and hormones balance. You will feel full for a longer time.

6.      Sleep Properly

Sleeping is essential for your hormones. If you don’t sleep well, your body starts producing stress hormones and leads you to many health issues.

Deep Sleep Benefits

7.      Escape Overeating

It is important to eat healthily, but overeating is also not good for health as it will increase your weight and leads you to a high insulin level.

To eat according to your body and calculate per day calories. According to research, more than 1200 calories increase your cortisol level.

So consume 1200 calories per day to keep your hormones balanced.

8.      Drink Natural Items

Water is best when we talk about drinks. But many people drink too many sodas, alcohol, artificial drinks, flavor milk that high in sugar and can cause many illnesses.

So replace these drinks with green tea, ginger and lemon tea, fresh juices, lemonade, low-fat milk, detox water, etc. they are all good for balanced hormones level.

9.      Add Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Try to add omega 3 fatty acids to your diet like spinach, berries, chia seeds, walnuts, flax seeds, tuna, fish oil, salmon (cold water).

It has many health benefits as it prevents you from cancer, good for sight, boosts your blood circulation, anti-inflammation properties, keeps your bone and joint strength, and keep you mentally healthy.

10.  Avoid Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks like a soft drink (soda), energy drinks, flavor waters, can juices, tea, and coffee. They are a high sugar source that is not healthy and leads you to tooth decay, high sugar, obesity, weak bones, and fails your heart and brain function.

Above I mentioned all-natural items you can drink to make your hormones balanced.

11.  Add Fiber To Diet

Try to add soluble fiber in your diet to keep your hormones satisfying and a great solution to treat your insulin problems.

High fiber food includes lentils, avocados, blackberries, oats, pear, coconut, raspberries, banana, orange, almonds, carrots, etc.

Egg Yolk

12.  Consume Egg

An egg is a natural food that consists of a tremendous amount of nutrients.

Eggs are a great source to keep your hormones level balanced and decrease insulin and ghrelin levels in your body.

Researches show that egg is good every time but the most right time to consume it in the morning because you will feel full after eating an egg in breakfast.

It is high protein food that keeps you away from various illnesses.


Hormones play a significant role in your health, and it is crucial for your many body functions.

The low level of hormones can cause obesity, high sugar, inflammation, kidney diseases, high pressure, heart problems, etc.

Like age, the natural cause is not in your hand, but you can keep yourself fit using a supplement called Leptoconnect.

It would be best to eat healthily, do exercise daily, keep your mental health strong, and follow the above steps.

So I hope you will surely gain a balanced level of hormones and keep yourself healthy.

I wish you luck. Thank you!