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Everything You Need To Know About Leptin And Leptin Resistance

Fix Your Leptin Resistance

Almost all people believe that reducing weight or losing weight is all about pills and calories.

The research and studies differ, and the researcher and scientists aware people that leptin also plays a significant role in gaining and losing weight. In fact, we now have Leptoconnect that can break Leptin resistance and burn fat.

Leptin resistance is a body condition in which the body does not counter the leptin hormone. The level of leptin in your body is also connected with your weight loss and gain.

What Are Leptin And The Role Of Leptin In Your Body?

Leptin is a hormone discharge from fatty cells in your body.

It is also known as satiety hormone or starvation hormones. Leptin act as a messenger that gives a message to your brain about your hunger and when you feel full.

It plays more role in your body empathize with immunity, brain operations, and fertility.

Leptin controls your energy usage when and where you need energy, how many calories you should eat according to your body needs, and the amount of fat in your body.

Leptin keeps people away from overeating and hunger, and these are two main factors of your weight.

It aware us of when our body needs food and also give warning of overeating too.

Significance Of Leptin On Your Mind


Leptin is generated by fatty cells in your body. Overweight people have so much fat that their body gives out more leptin and can’t receive stop eating signals.

Leptin work carries with your blood circulation in your brain and then circulates a message to the hypothalamus. Hypothalamus is an element that makes our body aware of the amount of food our body requires and stops us from overeating.

Leptin deal with fat cells in your body, the fat cell guide you about the amount of fat in your body. If leptin amount leads you to stop eating and the low leptin will guide you, you need food to store less fat.

When food enters your body, your body’s fat delivers to the mind, and then leptin comes in being and plays a role in your burning calories and keeps you away from craving.

When your body receives no food, the fat amount gets down, and leptin decrease and in that case, your body eat more food but burn few calories.

And the above system controls your body’s functions and affects your body pressure, respiratory system, body pressure, and temperature.

Leptin Resistance

Peoples who are overweight consist of more fatty cells. Leptin is generating by fatty cells in our body.

Overweight People should take a Leptin supplement to balance Leptin levels because they have a very high amount of leptin in their body but brains unable to get signals.

The above process is known as leptin resistance. It is the main factor of weight gain and loss.

If the brain gets no proper signals, it thinks that you want more, but you have eaten as you need, and it will affect your body fats and hence aids in weight gain.

Your mind allows eating more as it does not receive leptin signals and burns fewer calories compared to normal situations.

So the cause of weight is not just overeating or less physical activity, but there is a role of leptin hormone in burning fat.

What Are The Causes Of Leptin Resistance?

Leptin Resistance

There are many causes of leptin resistance, which are as follow:

  • Inflammation can cause leptin resistance. So eat anti-inflammation foods that protect you from inflammation.
  • When you have a large amount of fatty acid in your blood, that can cause leptin resistance. The fatty cell produces a large amount of leptin that fails to convey signals to the brain.
  • When you have an incredible amount of leptin hormones in your body, it can also cause leptin resistance.

So these are some causes of leptin resistance that can reason for weight gain in your body.

How Can You Fix Leptin Resistance?

First of all, if you are overweight and have a lot of fat in your belly, it can be a sign of leptin resistance. According to many researchers, anti-inflammation foods also aids in balancing hormones level. So here are some strategies to reverse leptin resistance:

  • If you are overweight, stop eating processed food that causes many illnesses like gout and inflammation.
  • Intake soluble fiber can also aid you in reducing weight and improve your health.
  • Physical activity is vital to your diet as they both play a significant role in leptin resistance. You can go for any physical activity you like to do like jogging, running, walking, weightlifting, cardio, skipping, cycling, or swimming. It helps you reverse your leptin resistance.
  • Keep yourself hydrated is also a solution to leptin resistance.
  • Eat a tremendous amount of protein helps you reduce weight and give you the energy to do more work. It also keeps your leptin level balance.
  • Eat fewer carbs food to protect yourself from high triglycerides.
  • Take proper sleep because if you don’t sleep properly, your hormones get unbalanced and lead you to leptin resistance or weight gain. So take proper sleep 7 to 8 hours a day.

So these are some steps you can take to reduce your leptin resistance.

Leptin Supplement


Leptin resistance is a widespread reason for gaining weight, and it makes your reducing weight process hard.

So overweight is not just caused by overeating, less exercise, but leptin resistance can be a reason for gaining weight

Many other medical conditions, biochemical conditions, or mental conditions play a role in weight gain.

If you have leptin resistance then you should follow a proper diet and adopt some healthy tips to remove or reverse leptin resistance.